Christian Pilgrimages

Pilgrimages and Religious Tours

A Pilgrimage or a Faith Tour is an inspirational journey, an opportunity to spiritually and culturally enrich your life and create memories for a lifetime. Discover treasured religious sites, the people, and the places that impacted so many lives. Every journey tells a story. Explore the many religious cultural traditions around the world. Experience your faith first-hand when you stand on the site where Jesus was born or follow in the footsteps of Paul. Your life will forever be changed. A Religious Journey takes you beyond the destinations with expert travel directors whose knowledge provides an in-depth, unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in the holy and historic places, taste authentic local cuisine, explore the cultures and perspectives of different lands.

Koinonia Travels and Tours can help you plan and customize your group’s spiritual journey so that it will strengthen your faith and create unforgettable memories.  It all starts with a vision, and our only limit is your imagination. One thing is guaranteed; it will be a life-changing experience!

Group leaders – please call and discover the benefits of our travel expertise and experience how easy it is to organize a group tour with Koinonia Travels and Tours.

Individuals – please check out our listings or call to inquire about available space with already existing groups that may not be listed on the website.