Cruising With Experience!

It’s simple! It’s about making it easy for you! Koinonia Travels and Tours wants to help you find the best cruise, the best itinerary, the best value, the best ships, the best options, the best shore excursions, the best destinations, and provide the best service possible. We want your cruise to be an incredible, an unforgettable, fun and relaxing vacation with no hassles. Allow us the opportunity to work with you and create a fantastic journey! We can book with any cruise line and be available to help with any of your transfers, transportation needs, pre or post hotels, travel insurance and excursions.

Cruising has become a very attractive, exciting and easy way to see the world! It offers a vast variety of activities and entertainment while visiting unique, historical and exotic places. You can cruise away from it all and enjoy a relaxed time while being pampered with ever present and gracious service. You can find a very relaxing experience with little structure or discover the many levels of planned activities for your pleasure. Anyway you want it, it’s your choice! That’s right, it’s about what you want and it’s your decision.

What are you waiting for? The sooner you call, the sooner you can set sail! One call does it all! Koinonia Travels and Tours can do it all for you with just one phone call!

Group Leaders: A cruise is a fantastic way to create a special time for building relationships and accomplishing other goals for your organization. Check out our group cruises or call to talk to us about how we can customize a cruise just for your group.