Top Ten

Top Ten Reasons to use Koinonia Travels and Tours

  1. Experience that can save you Time, Money, Effort and Stress. (We research all options to get you the best quality and price.)
  2. Experience that provides the personal touch! (We are always available, and you are our first priority.)
  3. Experience that can customize to your specifications. (Our number one priority is your satisfaction.)
  4. Experienced and Trained Tour Manager/Escort for every group tour. (Our Escorts are certified and sensitive to your needs.)
  5. Experience that provides you with all necessary support and resources for the journey. (We take care of the details and provide the necessary documents and resources.)
  6. Experience that is dependable, capable, efficient, creditable and committed to excellence! (We don’t want to be the biggest just the best in the travel industry!)
  7. Experienced travel specialists that are trained to listen and be your advocate. (Taking care of every detail and available before, during and after the trip.)
  8. Experience in the area of travel technology. (Staying informed and using the latest in innovative programs and equipment.)
  9. Experience that gives you more choices. (Discover the world! Anywhere is possible! You are only limited by your imagination!)
  10. Experience that provides the highest standards of Christian integrity, values and principals. (Our faith directs our actions.)