Packing Tips

Tips for Packing Lightly and Wisely!

Packing your bags is one of the necessary evils connected with traveling.

Happy packing makes a difference.  The difference is in knowing what to take and more importantly, knowing what to leave behind.  Know when to hold ‘em – know when to fold ‘em!!”

In my many years of travel I have seen every packing scheme imaginable – roll ‘em, stuff ‘em, pack flat, overlapping each layer, and on it goes!  There is no perfect system but there are some packing tips that will definitely help so review and choose to be a Happy Packer which will in turn make a Happy Traveler.  What’s important is to learn to pack in an organized fashion so that you can locate things in your suitcase and take advantage of every single bit of space.

Luggage: Airlines and Motor-coaches have limits. Airlines now charge for your checked baggage. Group travel allows one large suitcase and a carry-on. You’re always responsible for your carry-on. Size restrictions: Luggage, Max 50lbs and 62 Max Linear inches: L+H+D=62 Inches. Carry-on, Max 40lbs and Max 45 Linear Inches, H+L+D=45 inches. Over size and overweight expect to pay penalties. Please use luggage with wheels.

(1)   First, begin with a positive outlook about packing and decide that you will take only what you absolutely need to be comfortable and fashionable for the trip.  Lay out everything you’ll need, then take half of it and return it to your drawers/closet.  Remember: Laundry services available.

(2)  Make an inventory check-list to follow.( Included.)  It’s your list but, remember, lightly & wisely!

(3)   Use luggage space wisely: learn to roll certain items, stuff particular garments, fold & overlap/layer.  Take advantage of your different luggage space – decide which compartment will hold what!  Use every corner.  A full bag helps keep the contents from sliding and wrinkling.

(4)   Coordinate your wardrobe around one or two basic colors.  Separates are best because they can be mixed and matched.  Plan multiple uses because many items can be used as a substitute (like sandals for slippers, jacket for bathrobe, etc.)  Select fabrics that travel well.

(5)   Shoes – comfortable and casual are still fashionable.  (Ladies, I know this is tough!)

(6)   Always bring a wrap and bathing suit.  Most hotels have pools, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, and/or steam room.  A 30 minute swim can loosen up those sore muscles and knots.

(7)   Carry-ons – include a change of clothes and toiletries plus document copies. (just in case??)

(8)   Don’t pack anything valuable, fragile, camera film, or perishable.  Carry those items with you.

(9)   Make a list as you pack of the contents of your suitcase.  Bring this list in case your luggage is lost or stolen and you need to make a claim.

(10) Make sure your baggage is clearly labeled in a prominent place both outside and inside.

(11) Pack only as many small toiletry items as you’ll use.  Sample sizes are ideal.  Otherwise, transfer

toiletries into small containers.  Plastic containers work best but don’t fill to the top.

(12) Pack and repack items in the same order each time. This way you will be able to find what you want without unpacking completely.  Tip: a sheet of fabric softener in the suitcase will help clothes smell fresh