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Student Group Travel and Koinonia Travels and Tours

Student Picture 1Koinonia Travels and Tours has been enhancing educational experiences by providing travel adventures for students and teachers from the Heartland to the Southeast. As educators, you have a tremendous opportunity and responsibility in helping shape the next generation. Koinonia Travels and Tours is here to partner with you in this endeavor.

From history-based excursions to unique cultural adventures, the educational travel opportunities abound! Envision your French class visiting Montreal and Quebec, your history class seeing a Civil War battle site, your drama class at Broadway play, or your science class on an eco-tour on a Barrier Island. Throughout your educational journey, Koinonia Travels and Tours is with you every step of the way.

Students learn in a wide variety of ways. Some students learn best by reading notes, books, and by clear, written instructions. Other students are more visual, requiring hands-on work in order to succeed. No matter their learning methods, all students have one thing in common: They will learn by doing something memorable. A student must choose a method that makes the material they learn the most memorable to them. An excellent learning tool for students of all ages is taking educational tours. If education is presented in a fun manner, the rate of retention and recall increases exponentially.

Group student tours offer students a chance to work and study in pairs, which further enhances the learning experience for everyone involved. When students enjoy a fun and educational tour together, they are much more likely to study together and review their experiences during the tours. Not only does this make studying more fun and social, it allows students to retain and remember all they have learned.

student Pic 2Any great educator can agree that teaching students in an enriching manner is of the utmost importance. Therefore, allowing students the adventures of educational travel tours is essential in the learning process.

We would love the opportunity to provide a customized itinerary and quote for your class or group. Please contact us by phone, email or the information request from provided on the website.