Travel Tips

Pre-Travel Check List

  1. ☐Leave contact phone numbers and itinerary with family members and friends in case they need to reach you while you are traveling.   Ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your house.
  2. ☐Have the post office hold your mail while you are gone.  Call your newspaper provider and have them put delivery on hold until you get back.
  3. ☐Unplug most electronic items especially your TV and computer.  If a storm comes through while you are away, these items can be damaged beyond repair by being plugged into the wall outlet, so remove that possibility before you leave.  Also, if you use a modem, it would be a good idea to unplug it as damage can also happen due to the phone connection.
  4. ☐Make sure all appliances are turned off.  Unplug all small appliances.
  5. ☐Lock all doors and windows.  If you have a sliding glass door, prop a piece of wood or other object in the track to prevent people from prying it open.
  6. ☐Clean out the refrigerator.  Take out anything that is perishable.
  7. ☐Disconnect the garage door so that it cannot be operated by remote control from the outside. Usually there is a lever on the opener that you can pull that can accomplish this easily.
  8. ☐Do not leave a key outside your home.  Leave it with a trusted neighbor.
  9. ☐Ask a neighbor or hire a lawn care service to mow your yard while you are away.
  10. ☐Water your plants before leaving town.  If needed, arrange for someone to come and water them while you are away.
  11. ☐Take out all garbage.
  12. ☐Store your valuables in a safe deposit box that is off of your property.
  13. ☐Refill any prescriptions so that you will have enough pills to take while you are traveling.
  14. ☐Set-up pet care.  Leave any medications for your pet and the veterinarian’s phone number with your pet.  If you choose not to board your pet in a kennel or leave them with someone else, make sure they have an automatic feeder and plenty of food and water. Also be sure that the heating/AC system is set to keep things comfortable for them in the house while you are gone. If you do choose to leave your pets at home it’s a good idea to arrange for someone to stop by daily and check on them and spend a little time with them too.
  15. ☐Check the weather for the destination you will be traveling to.
  16. ☐Pay any bills that will be due before you leave.
  17. ☐Never leave town without some cash.  If you’re traveling internationally, call your credit card company to ensure your credit card will work in the foreign country you are traveling to.